Investigating the effect of oil spills on the environment and public health.
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Pietroski, J. P., White, J. R., & DeLaune, R. D. (2015). Effects of dispersant used for oil spill remediation on nitrogen cycling in Louisiana coastal salt marsh soil. Chemosphere, 119, 562–567.


Almeda, R., Bona, S., Foster, C. R., & Buskey, E. J. (2014). Dispersant Corexit 9500A and chemically dispersed crude oil decreases the growth rates of meroplanktonic barnacle nauplii (Amphibalanus improvisus) and tornaria larvae (Schizocardium sp.). Marine Environmental Research, 99, 212–217.
Athas, J. C., Jun, K., McCafferty, C., Owoseni, O., John, V. T., & Raghavan, S. R. (2014). An Effective Dispersant for Oil Spills Based on Food-Grade Amphiphiles. Langmuir, 30(31), 9285–9294.
Bollinger, J. A., Jain, A., & Truskett, T. M. (2014). Structure, Thermodynamics, and Position-Dependent Diffusivity in Fluids with Sinusoidal Density Variations. Langmuir, 30(28), 8247–8252.
Carmer, J., van Swol, F., & Truskett, T. M. (2014). Position-dependent and pair diffusivity profiles from steady-state solutions of color reaction-counterdiffusion problems. J. Chem. Phys., 141(4), 046101.
Cha, M., Baek, S., Lee, H., & Lee, J. W. (2014). Inclusion of thiophene as a co-guest in a structure II hydrate with methane gas. RSC Adv., 4(50), 26176–26180.
Dong, J., Worthen, A. J., Foster, L. M., Chen, Y., Cornell, K. A., Bryant, S. L., et al. (2014). Modified Montmorillonite Clay Microparticles for Stable Oil-in-Seawater Emulsions. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 6(14), 11502–11513.
Feng, J., Roché, M., Vigolo, D., Arnaudov, L. N., Stoyanov, S. D., Gurkov, T. D., et al. (2014). Nanoemulsions obtained via bubble-bursting at a compound interface. Nat Phys, 10(8), 606–612.
Gemmell, B., Jiang, H., & Buskey, E. J. (2014). A new approach to micro-scale particle image velocimetry (μPIV) for quantifing flows around free-swimming zooplankton. Journal of Plankton Research, .
McNair, O. D., Brent, D. P., Sparks, B. J., Patton, D. L., & Savin, D. A. (2014). Sequential Thiol Click Reactions: Formation of Ternary Thiourethane/Thiol-Ene Networks with Enhanced Thermal and Mechanical Properties. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 6(9), 6088–6097.