Investigating the effect of oil spills
on the environment and public health.
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Erin Saal

Louisiana State University

Department of Environmental Sciences

School of the Coast and Environment
1271 Energy, Coast and Environment Building
Baton Rouge , LA  70803  


Project List:

Defining Ecologically Relevant Sublethal Effects: How do Low Levels of Exposure to Oil and Dispersants Affect Performance and Survival of Larvae of Gulf Nekton?

Year 3-5 Investigator Grants (RFP-II)Role: Graduate Student - PhD Level

Publications & Presentations:

Conference Presentations - 2


Webb, S. J., Saal, E. E., OShaughnessy, K. A., Tara, D., A., Portier, R. J., & Chesney. E.J. (2016). Effects of the presence of plankton on the acute toxicity and morphological effects of crude oil to larval bay anchovy (Anchoa mitchilli). In Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill & Ecosystem Science Conference 2016. Tampa, FL : 02/01/16-02/04/16.


Webb, S. J., Duffy, T. A., OShaughnessy, K. A., Saal, E. E., Portier, R. J., & Chesney, E. J. (2015). Effects of the presence of plankton on the outcomes of crude oil exposures of larval bay anchovy (Anchoa mitchilli). In SETAC North America 36th Annual Meeting. Salt Lake City, UT : 11/01/15-11/05/15.