Investigating the effect of oil spills
on the environment and public health.
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Xin Shu

Louisiana State University

Cain Department of Chemical Engineering

110 Chemical Engineering
South Stadium Road
Baton Rouge, LA  70803  


Project List:

Consortium for the Molecular Engineering of Dispersant Systems (C-MEDS)

Year 2-4 Consortia Grants (RFP-I)Role: Undergraduate Student

Publications & Presentations:

Journal Article - 1


Ehrenhauser, F. S., Avij, P., Shu, X., Dugas, V., Woodson, I., Liyana-Arachchi, T., et al. (2014). Bubble bursting as an aerosol generation mechanism during an oil spill in the deep-sea environment: laboratory experimental demonstration of the transport pathway. Environ. Sci.: Processes Impacts, 16(1), 65.

Conference Presentations - 2


Avij, P., Dugas, V., Shu, X., & Valsaraj, K. T. (2014). Dispersant Effect in Enhancing the Droplet and Particle Formation by Bursting Bubbles. In 2014 State of the Coast Conference. New Orleans, LA - 03/18/14-03/20/14: Poster.
Avij, P., Ehrenhauser, F. S., Dugas, V., Shu, X., Zhang, Z., Perkins, M., et al. (2014). Laboratory Experimental Demonstration of the Effect of Oceanic Whitecap in Transferring Oil and Dispersant Compounds to Atmosphere. In Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill & Ecosystem Science Conference 2014. Mobile, AL: 01/26/14-01/30/14.